Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back to exercise and back to ME

I have oficially shaken off the feeling that I just can't do stuff. I put on my music and started my own weird version of circuit training again tonight. No more excuses. Do stuff when I feel good enough, and make it happen.

I have some long-term, and shorter term goals.

Do pull-ups.

A big one: Be able to do straddle ups in the air. I have never been able to do this, and it is holding me back from advancing in aerial. It's a little bit mental, but more upper body and core strength, and less weight, will help a lot too. Being able to do pull-ups will also help SO much.

Be able to jugle 5 clubs. And then 5 knives. I need to get off my ass and practice.

Be as comfortable on top of the stacked rola bolas as I am on a single one now.

Balance stuff! On me. Wherever.

Be able to do two rola bolas. I was practicing a bunch for a while and fizzled.

Do more "machine/factory" type juggling tricks, with both hands. And back crosses.

Loose about 20 lbs in fat and gain about 10 in muscle. Or something like that.

I didn't keep very close track of reps of things, or exact time, I just pushed hard and did as much as I can. I did silks climbs, jumprope, and hula hoop for cardio. Oh, and meteor with a monkey fist meteor, which also counts as an awesome upper body wor-out in it's own right.

Additional silks work: Straddle up, and held, several more fairly sad straddle up and inversion attempts, various foot locks and a wrap, used the silks for an anchor while doing meat hooks.

I didn't do much trapeze, I'm trying to make sure I can still blow glass tomorrow. But I did catcher's hang crunches, which are always awesome.

I practed balancing on the rola bola. Just one is easy as pie for me, after not being on it for maybe a year (!!), so I stacked some yoga blocks and another board on there and got practicing.

Other aerial type exercises: the weird straddle/plow/crunch ab exercise, crunches, hanging as long as possible with bent elbows (since I can't actually do a pull-up).

Juggling: 5 balls with heavier and larger balls, mill's mess.

Pell work - 100 blows (maybe more actually). I forcussed on using my body, using my core to push through and be powerful, and leaving my arm almost staionary and using my body a lot, because I am really bad at using my body well for fighting right now. And stepping while throwing to help with power. And punchig short-sticking, just 'cause.

Things I didn't get to and wanted to do: hand stand practice, and diabolo. I can't find the hand sticks for my diabolo! And I just forgot the hand stands.

I feel like I got a pretty good work-out, I was craving protien a little while after I was done. I'm going to have to get set up to make smoothies again. Instead I fried up some tofu and had it with rice. It was the Best Tofu Ever. Seriously. Oh, and there was baby corn too.

I'm not doing a strict diet, but I am trying to be rational about what I eat.

And now... reading a lot about various aerial work outs!

Oh and one last thing. My knee hurts. And my right hand/wrist. Both have been sore on and off for a bit, no idea why. So I pushed things, but not so much that I would aggrivate those areas too much, hopefully.

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